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Rethinking Government.
Empowering Communities.

We believe that America deserves a sane, principled alternative to the politics of fear and division. There is a better way, built on respecting the fundamental rights of every person. Justice and prosperity, the rule of law and limited government. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Libertarian Party is that much-needed alternative. We believe it is crucial for Libertarians to have a ticket that can unite our party and present its message of hope and freedom to the nation. This is a monumental task for historic times, and we are asking for your help to do it.

We have both had the honor of representing Libertarians in elections before. We have years of experience presenting Libertarian ideas to the public and convincing the American people that Libertarians deserve their vote. Libertarians have made tremendous progress in recent years, but we have much more yet to be made.

Together we can end the endless wars, get unjust government out of our lives, abolish the war on drugs and right the rampant injustices in our broken criminal laws, restore fairness and stability to our economic lives through free and open markets, and finally be done with the era of the personality cult presidency. We propose a bold agenda, and we also promise to restore a sense of humility and responsibility to a White House that has been so sorely lacking in those qualities.

Our promise to the American people is simple: our campaign, and our administration, will be one of integrity, principle, honesty, and transparency. We will respect the duties and limits of our offices, and always do our utmost to preserve, protect, and defend your individual rights. We propose nothing more than the right to live your own life as you see fit, and respect for the rights of others to do the same. That is the alternative to the Republicans and Democrats that will be on your ballot in November.

So we are asking you to pledge your support to this cause, and we are asking for your vote.


Judge Jim Gray
For President
Larry Sharpe
For Vice President